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Experience counts.

We do more interventional neuroradiology procedures than any other group in the region.

Our interventional neuroradiology (INR) program is the one of the oldest and busiest INR services in the region with the most experienced practitioners. It consists of four full-time staff, one nurse coordinator and two endovascular surgical neuroradiology fellows.  We perform a large volume of diagnostic cerebral angiography (>1000 per year) and  interventional procedures (>300 per year). 

Our physicians & staff

  • Christopher J. Moran, MD, Professor of Radiology & Neurological Surgery
  • Akash P. Kansagra, MD, Assistant Professor of Radiology & Neurological Surgery
  • Joshua Osbun, MD, Assistant Professor Neurological Surgery & Radiology
  • Bridget Filiput, RN, BSN, Nurse Coordinator
  • Two endovascular surgical neuroradiology fellows

For prospective residents & fellows

We train two endovascular surgical neuroradiology (interventional neuroradiology or INR) fellows per year. Our program is ACGME-approved. Our residents and fellows benefit from seeing a wide variety of cerebrovascular cases and performing more procedures than most other academic institutions. They also benefit from interaction and collaborations with our colleagues in other clinical divisions at Washington University School of Medicine including neurosurgery, neurology, vascular surgery, ENT and orthopedics. Our fellowship program is one of only four ACGME-accredited INR fellowships in the nation.