Providing accurate and timely diagnoses

We perform neuroradiology MRI examinations on state-of-the-art scanners ranging from 1.5 to 3 Tesla field strengths with both standard and wide-bore configurations to accommodate patients having claustrophobia or a larger body size.

Our advanced neuroimaging tests include functional MRI to identify motor, language and visual centers; white matter mapping for pre-operative planning (diffusion tensor imaging), spectroscopy, perfusion and quantitative volumetric analyses for Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis. Outpatient MRI examinations can be performed on weekdays, weekends and evenings. For a Neuroradiology MRI Adult Ordering guide, click here.

We use some of the most advanced imaging tools in the world. They include:

(1) Siemens AXIOM Artis BA

Universal biplane C-arm system with flexible system architecture for vascular and non-vascular diagnostics and interventions.

(1) Siemens Neurostar
Both rooms support biplane, digital subtraction with roadmapping for interventional neuroradiology procedures.

OEC 98000 high resolution, portable digital subtraction angiography unit for intraoperative diagnostic and neurointerventional procedures.


Myelography and Spine Interventions
Philips MD3 rotating C-arm tilt-table suite dedicated to myelography and spine procedures.


Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Clinical Scanners
(1) Siemens Trio 3.0T MR scanner (EPI, DTI, fMRI and MRS equipped)
(2) Siemens Sonata 1.5T MR scanners (EPI, DTI, fMRI and MRS equipped)
(1) Siemens Symphony Quantum (EPI, DTI equipped)
(1) Siemens Symphony 1.5T MR scanner (EPI equipped)
(1) Siemens Harmony 1.0T MR scanner (EPI equipped)
(2) Siemens Vision 1.5T MR scanners (EPI equipped)
(2) GE Horizon Echospeed LX 1.5T MR scanner (EPI equipped)

Research Scanners
Siemens Allegra 3.0T MR scanner (EPI and fMRI equipped)
Siemens Symphony Sonata 1.5T MR scanner (EPI, DTI fMRI and MRS equipped)
Siemens Vision 1.5T MR scanner (EPI, fMRI and DTI equipped)


Computed Tomography
(4) Siemens Sensation16 detector row CT scanners
(2) Siemens Volume Zoom 4 detector row CT scanners
(6) Spiral single row detector CT scanners
(1) PET/CT scanner

We also supply emergency radiology services.