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Illuminating neurological disease, disorders and trauma

The neuroradiology section focuses on discovering abnormalities and diseases that affect the brain, spine, head and neck. Our practice is large and attracts patients from throughout the Midwest who experience common, uncommon and often complex neurological symptoms. They come to us for an accurate and timely diagnosis.

Staffed by physicians who are consistently ranked among the ‘Best Doctors in America,’ our neuroradiology specialists use advanced imaging techniques to peer within the brain, the central nervous system and associated blood vessels to diagnose problems. We use digital angiography, MRI (magnetic resonance images), CT (computed tomography), PET (positron emission tomography) and ultrasound as well as standard x-rays to study and search for neurological diseases and disorders.

Our section includes two fulltime neuroradiologists who are part of the pediatric radiology staff at St. Louis Children’s Hospital. Interventional Neuroradiology is also part of the neuroradiology section. Interventional neuroradiologists subspecialize and use imaging tools to treat cerebrovascular disease affecting the blood vessels in the head and neck. Our interventional neuroradiologists are leaders in the field.