Independent Interventional Radiology Residency


Trainees entering our program will benefit on multiple fronts:

  • Large patient volume and diverse cases
  • You will be exposed to a full spectrum of care and high volume of many types of cases
  • Different perspectives on procedures
  • You may see the same procedure accomplished different ways by our large and diverse faculty
  • Excellent clinical training

You will learn how to clinically manage patients so that you will be comfortable managing your own clinical service and taking direct referrals. You will understand how to run a clinic, perform consultations, admit patients and communicate with referring physicians.

Training is diverse and extensive with approximately 30,000 procedures performed annually. The vascular and nonvascular practice encompasses the entire spectrum of interventional radiology and has seven dedicated C-arm suites in Barnes-Jewish Hospital and one at St. Louis Children's Hospital, all with digital capability. Separate clinic facilities are used for outpatient consultation and follow-up visits. An active academic program is in place, with ongoing vascular and nonvascular projects. The teaching conferences include a didactic lecture series in interventional  radiology, journal club, morbidity/mortality conferences, teaching case conferences, and multidisciplinary conferences.


About the Program

The traditional Vascular and Interventional Radiology fellowship will officially sunset on June 30, 2020. MIR received approval by the ACGME for the Independent IR residency in 2018. Graduates from the program will be eligible to apply for certification in IR. We currently have approval for 2-4 yearly positions in the Independent IR Residency. The Independent IR Residency will replace the traditional VIR Fellowship starting July 1, 2020.

Diagnostic Radiology residents currently in their PGY4 year (ESIR or Non-ESIR) are eligible to apply for the Independent IR residency. ESIR residents will complete a one year program whereas non ESIR applicants will be required to complete two years.

Further details about the Independent IR Residency can be found on SIR’s website.

How to Apply

The Independent Interventional Radiology residency program does participate in the NRMP match (NRMP Program Code 1783415F0).Applications are accepted through ERAS. Those applicants applying for the one-year track must provide copies of their acceptance letter to their institutions’s ESIR program as well as an ESIR block diagram from their institution.

Interviews will be self-scheduled through the ERAS scheduler and will take place between January – March. All interviews in the 2020-2021 interview cycle will be conducted virtually. For more information about the Independent Interventional Radiology program, please contact Program Coordinator Melissa Hummel.


Integrated Interventional Radiology Residency

If you'd like more information on the Integrated IR residency, please visit the education site.