Interventional Oncology

What is interventional oncology?

Interventional oncology is a type of cancer care performed by specially trained radiologists called interventional radiologists. They use advanced imaged-guided techniques such as CT, fluoroscopy (live X-ray) or ultrasound to deliver treatment through a small skin puncture.

Interventional oncology targets cancer and/or the pain it causes.  These procedures are often used with standard cancer treatments -- such as surgery, chemotherapy and radiation -- and may reduce pain and/or extend life.  For certain types of tumors, interventional oncology procedures can be curative. Recovery is quick. Most interventional oncology procedures are outpatient or require an overnight hospital stay.

Washington University interventional radiologists are nationally known specialists in cancer care and pain relief.

Who is a candidate?

Generally, interventional oncology is meant for patients who have not responded to chemotherapy or radiation, cannot receive more radiation, are unable to undergo surgery and/or need relief from their cancer pain. It is also used as a “bridge” for certain cancer patients who are waiting for an organ transplant.

Cancer type

Our interventional radiologists treat the following cancers with these interventional procedures:

We have a team of nationally-recognized interventional radiologists who specialize in oncology. Our interventional radiologists have the most experience in the region in performing catheter-based procedures for cancer. And because we are associated with an academic center – Washington University School of Medicine – our patients have access to the newest treatments and clinical studies.

Insurance information
 We accept most major insurance plans. Appointments are readily available. Urgent cases are seen within 48 hours and most non-emergent cases are seen within two weeks.

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Barnes Jewish Hospital (liver, lung and kidney cancer): 314-362-2900
Barnes Jewish Hospital / Barnes Jewish West County (bone cancer): 314-362-2825