Interventional Radiology

We are clinical specialists available to see your patients.

As one of the largest and most comprehensive interventional radiology sections in the nation, we deal with multiple pathologies and have experience in treating almost every organ system. We offer curative to palliative therapies. The minimally invasive nature of our specialty sometimes allow us to offer options to those who have no other options.

Many of our minimally invasive procedures have replaced older open surgeries. Most procedures require conscious sedation, and the dose is tempered to the magnitude of the procedure and custom tailored to that individual. When appropriate, some procedures are done under general anesthesia.

About half our procedures are outpatient. If your patient requires an inpatient procedure, we will take care of the details. We will handle pre-certification and admission.

Examples of typical procedures we perform include:

  • Abscess and chest drainage
  • Angioplasty and stenting
  • Biliary and urinary drainage and stenting
  • Embolization
  • Regional cancer therapy via ablation or intra-arterial means
  • Cava filter placement
  • Percutaneous biopsy
  • Percutaneous gastrostomy placement
  • Venography
  • Vascular access

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