Interventional Radiology

We are a different type of radiologist.

Interventional radiologists are a different breed of radiologist. We perform exams to image the inside of the body but we more often provide image-guided treatments. We treat a wide range of conditions affecting almost every organ in the body and many different diseases.

Treatments are administered through tiny incisions that look like a nick in your skin and often don't require even a single stitch to close them. Some procedures do not require sedation but others require either sedation or general anesthesia. We make sure that you are comfortable and that the level of sedation is appropriate to the procedure. Most procedures we perform require conscious sedation. That's when we administer medicine to help you relax and/or block minor pain or discomfort. 

IR procedures are available in several locations, at the main medical school campus, and at Barnes-Jewish West County Hospital in the western suburbs.  Interested? Read this patient's story.

About half of our procedures are outpatient. If your procedure is inpatient, recovery time is generally less than it would be for traditional 'open surgery.' Uterine fibroid embolization (UFE) is an example. A UFE is an alternative to hysterectomy in select women. It shrinks the fibroids without having to remove the uterus. With a UFE, recovery may take a week or two whereas a woman who has a hysterectomy may a have recovery period lasting three to six weeks.