Breast Imaging

Our breast imaging services

We provide a comprehensive range of services using the most advanced equipment. All imaging is performed using the latest in digital technology. Recently, we added tomosynthesis (also called 3D mammography). It improves breast cancer detection rates and reduces the need for repeat mammograms.

Our Breast Imaging Services include:

  • Mammogram: A low-dose x-ray examination of the breasts to detect changes and disease.
  • Breast tomosynthesis: A three-dimensional mammogram. This exam is performed the same way as a traditional mammogram but uses a different technology to generate a more detailed image.
  • Breast ultrasound: An examination of breast tissue using sound waves. It helps distinguish breast cysts from solid masses.
  • Breast biopsies: The removal of tissue samples for laboratory examination. This test is used to detect or rule out cancer.
  • Cyst aspirations: A procedure used to drain fluid-filled sacs in the breasts.
  • Needle localizations: A procedure used to determine the exact location of a breast abnormality found on a mammogram.

If breast surgery consultation is recommended, the breast surgeons of our Breast Health Center will meet you to discuss options and coordinate your care.

Digital breast tomosynthesis is also called 3D mammography, a new technology used to detect cancer earlier. It’s performed similarly to a conventional mammogram with breast tissue compressed between two plexiglass planes, but the technology to view the image is different. Tomosynthesis allows for each layer of breast tissue to be examined separately. Because it allows for greater visual detail, It can find cancers earlier, reduce patient callbacks and ease your anxiety.