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Service Directors

Service directors

CT Service Directors
Sanjeev Bhalla, MD Co-Director, Chief, Cardiothoracic Imaging
Vincent Mellnick, MD Co-Director, Chief, Abdominal Imaging
Erica Pollock, R. T. (R), CT Imaging Assistant
Elizabeth Fieseler, R. T. (R), CT Imaging Assistant

ER Service Directors
Vincent Mellnick, MD Co-Director, Chief, Abdominal Imaging
Constantine Raptis, MD Co-Director

GI-GU Service Director
Cary Siegel, MD

MRI Service Directors
Vamsi Narra, MD, Senior Vice Chair, Imaging Informatics and New Business Development
Motoyo Yano, MD, PhD, Director, Imaging and Advanced Visualization
Constantine Raptis, MD, Director, Thoracic MRI
Tammie Benzinger, MD, Director, Neurology MRI
Travis Hillen, MD, Director, MSK MRI
Catherine Appleton, MD, Director, Breast MRI
Pamela Woodard, MD, Director, Cardiac MRI
Michael Crowley, PhD, MRI Physicist
Jennifer Luczak, R. T. (R) (CT) MRI Clinical Assistant

Ultrasound Directors
William Middleton, MD, Director
Renee Freund, RN, US Procedure Coordinator

Barnes Jewish West County Hospital (BJWCH) Physicians
Vamsi Narra, MD, Chief, Director, Abdominal Imaging
Andrew Bierhals, MD, Director, Cardiothoracic Imaging
Catherine Appleton, MD, Director, Breast Imaging
Jonathan Baker, MD, Director, Musculoskeletal Radiology
Jack Jennings, MD, Director, Musculoskeletal Procedures
Matthew Parsons, MD, Director, Neuroradiology
Michael Darcy, MD, Director, Interventional Radiology
Barry Siegel, MD, Director, Nuclear Medicine
Jennifer Kelly RT (R) BS, Imaging Assistant