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Clinical Specialties

Radiology Abdominal Imaging
Radiology Teaching

Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology has over 90 radiologists, all of whom have been subspecialty trained so that we can treat your exact disease or symptom.  Each of these radiologists has completed advanced fellowship training in his or her area of specialty. Our radiological exams and procedures have been developed accordingly.  As a result, we can more accurately translate diagnoses and disease information to specialists, surgeons and other physicians.

Abdominal Imaging

Our abdominal imaging subspecialty provides a broad array of services for abdominal and pelvic disorders. We use the latest scanning technology for ultrasound, body CT (computed tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) as well as electronic systems that allow for rapid reporting of findings to your physician. We are regional leaders in state-of-the-art scanning techniques, national leaders in PET-MRI imaging and internationally recognized for our expertise.

Breast Imaging

Our team of radiologists and all-women technologists is ready to meet your breast imaging needs. We provide screening mammograms at multiple locations, including a mobile van so there is sure to be a location that is convenient for you. Because of our advanced equipment, we are able to ensure the highest level of quality exam for all of your breast imaging needs. Look to us to offer the latest in technology including tomosynthesis, also called 3D mammograms. No other local radiology group is better trained to read your breast exam.  

Cardiothoracic Imaging

In a unique partnership with the Division of Cardiology at Washington University School of Medicine, we offer top-level expertise for your heart and heart-related diseases.  We are one of the largest cardiology practices in the nation.  The Cardiothoracic imaging group specializes in cardiac CT (computed tomography) angiography to produce high-resolution, 3-dimensional images of the heart and its arteries and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) to assess how well the heart is functioning.

Community Radiology

You have access to world-class radiologists at three locations in St. Charles and surrounding counties.  We are a diverse group of subspecialty trained radiologists who can provide services in all of our specialties, including certain breast imaging procedures that are not offered from other community radiology settings.Look to us to perform simple x-rays to CT (computed tomography) scans, and more.

Interventional Radiology

Interventional radiology is a 'game changer' for many patients. Using tiny image-guided tools, our interventional radiologists  perform techniques that replace some traditional 'open' surgeries. And because incisions are so small, recovery is quicker. Our interventional radiologists have pioneered many interventional procedures, some of which are only available locally through MIR.  We are patient centered with a goal to deliver safe, effective and compassionate care. 

Musculoskeletal Radiology

We offer advanced imaging of disorders of the bones, joints, and associated soft tissues using a wide variety of modalities, including conventional radiography, CT (computed tomography) ultrasonography and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) at several locations throughout the St. Louis area. We also perform pain management procedures. 


Neuroradiologists use imaging tools and techniques to peer inside the brain, head, neck and spine to diagnose a disease or examine an injury.  We use the most advanced technology in the world for our MRI (magnetic resonance imaging), PET (positron emission tomography), CT (computed tomography), angiography, ultrasound and x-ray services.  Our interventional neuroradiologists use image-guided tools to treat disease. This results in smaller or no incisions, targeted treatments, faster recoveries and better healing.

Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear medicine can detect disease long before symptoms become apparent and before other imaging tools can see them. Our nuclear medicine physicians are among the best in the world. We developed the technology for PET (positron emission tomography)  and our division was the first in the United States to interface a minicomputer with a special camera called a gamma camera.  This camera detects radiation emitted by gamma rays and enables physicians to see what is occurring inside the body rather than resort to exploratory surgery. Collectively, our nuclear medicine staff has more than 150 years of experience . 

Pediatric Radiology

Our subspecialty trained pediatric radiologists focus on children only and we offer a full range of pediatric imaging exams and procedures.  All of our services have been specifically designed for children.  We have specialty sized scanners, but also accommodate fully grown children.  Because we deeply care about your child we subscribe to the “Image Gently” pledge to minimize childhood radiation exposure.  Even our radiology facilities are child friendly.