Billing & Insurance

Types of Bills
Most likely you will receive a bill from the hospital and the physicians that have been a part of your care.  Depending on the services performed, you may receive a bill for physicians that you did not see face-to-face during your out-patient visit or hospital stay.  For example, a radiologist who reads an x-ray would not see the patient face-to-face, but has interpreted the findings of the x-ray which is sent to your primary care physician or resident who is caring for your medical needs at the time of your visit or hospital stay.  You may also receive bills from physicians you have seen face-to-face.

Hospital Bill
For questions regarding a hospital bill, please contact the Patient Account Department at the hospital in which you were seen:

Physician Bill
The physician fees will be sent to you on a statement from Washington University School of Medicine.

If you have questions regarding a physician bill or you want to make a payment, call:
(314) 273-0500    8:00 am - 7:30 pm
1-800-862-9980   8:00 am - 7:30 pm 

Online Payment
For your convenience, you can also pay your bill online.

For a listing of the most commonly asked questions about bills, payments and insurance, click here.

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