Billing & Insurance

Insurance Plans

Managing your health benefits can be very confusing. If you have questions regarding your health insurance please call your insurance plan to understand your coverage and how your policy works.

Your insurance may require a co-payment. If it does, we ask that you pay the co-insurance at the time of your visit.

WUSM is contracted with many insurance companies and offers a variety of options for insurance coverage. Click here to see a list of  the Accepted Health In-Network Private Health Insurance Plans, Health Exchanges and Medicare and Medicaid Private Providers. If your plan is not listed, WUSM is not contracted with your plan which means you will be responsible for the bill.

WUSM can make financial arrangements with an insurance company that they are not contracted with if the insurance company chooses to do so. If your health insurance is not listed, please contact Pat Lovins at (314) 273-0484 to discuss payment arrangements with your company. If this is not an alternative, please contact our financial counselors for a payment plan or possible financial assistance.

WUSM does not participate in health insurance discount card programs.

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