Article from: Spring-Summer 2017



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    By Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology

    A Look Back

    What A Difference A Decade Makes

    In 2008, Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology was the site of seminal research into autism, and the pioneering subjects were just six months old. Nearly a decade later, at least three of the same researchers participated in a breakthrough national study that predicted with 80% accuracy the likelihood of autism in babies who have an older sibling with the disorder.

    A. Focal Spot 2008
    The front cover of the summer issue features one ofthe study’s adorable subjects.

    B. The Comforts of Home
    A baby relaxes in her mother’s lap before she falls asleep and is scanned for the study.

    C. Not Your Typical Nursery
    Robert C. McKinstry, MD, stands in an MRI suite that contains a crib, rocking chair and blankets for his young study subjects.

    D. Principal Investigator
    Kelly Botteron, MD, principal investigator for the St. Louis arm of a national study about autism, believes early intervention is instrumental in treatment of the disorder.

    E. Doing What Comes Naturally
    A sleeping infant caught sucking his thumb while an MRI scan is performed.

    F. Sweet Dreams
    Bundled up and already asleep, this baby is about to be scanned.

    G. Can You Hear Me Now?
    A baby is prepped with tiny earplugs and noise-muffling headphones before falling asleep inside the bore of the scanner.

    Images courtesy of Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology Archives