Cabrera-Lebron, Jorge

Jorge A. Cabrera Lebron, MD

Where I grew up (hometown)… San Juan, Puerto Rico

Undergraduate… University of Puerto Rico- Rio Piedras Campus

Medical School… University of Puerto Rico - Medical Sciences Campus

Internship… Hospital Auxilio Mutuo Transitional Year Program

Professional Interests… MRI, Advanced CT techniques, CT Radiation Reduction Techniques 

Current Research… 

Personal Interest/Hobbies… Tennis, Avid Reader

Favorite thing about St. Louis... The parks are beautiful and everything is super affordable!

Favorite Website… Reddit... sorry!

I bet you didn't know that...

Jobs I’ve held outside of medicine...

Married? Kids? Pets?

Favorite Radiology Sign… Luftsichel sign! 

What attracted you to radiology… Honestly the people. I felt right at home working with them and they are just the kindest and smartest people around in my opinion. 

Why I chose MIR for my training… Best training there is coupled with feeling like family with your co-residents and attendings. I don't think any other place offers such a unique combination. 

Favorite Quote… To be successful in life all you need is balance.