Wehner, Gregory

Gregory J. Wehner, MD

Where I grew up (hometown)… Cincinnati, OH 

Undergraduate… BS Chemical Engineering at University of Cincinnati

Graduate School… PhD Biomedical Engineering at University of Kentucky

Medical School… University of Kentucky College of Medicine

Internship… Barnes-Jewish Hospital, Preliminary Medicine

Professional Interests… Cardiovascular Imaging, Machine Learning and Outcome Prediction

Current Research… Cardiac MRI strain and deformation imaging, Predicting outcomes from clinical and echocardiography data

Personal Interest/Hobbies… Golf (although used to play more when I worked at a course), Reading (have been on a historical biography kick), Running (s/p 7 marathons)

Favorite thing about St. Louis… Love the numerous things for kids and family, many for free. 

Favorite Website… xkcd.com vs smbc-comics.com, cis.rit.edu/htbooks/mrimri-q.com/index.html

I bet you didn't know that... Finely powdered sawdust is sometimes used to plug small condenser tube leaks at powerplants. Also, using not-finely powdered sawdust could force the plant to shut down...

Jobs I’ve held outside of medicine... Various jobs at a golf course, Engineering co-op at a power plant and oil refineries, calculus/physics/chemistry tutor.

Married? Kids? Pets? Thank you Pat. I've been married to my wonderful wife, Eleni, since 2011. As of 8/3/2020, we have two beautiful kids and no pets.

Favorite Radiology Sign… Haven't really developed one yet

What attracted you to radiology… I'm fascinated by the acquisition and image reconstruction technologies. I like the breadth and depth of impact radiologists have. Making diagnoses is fun, especially compared to management.

Why I chose MIR for my training… I'm excited to train where the people are kind and there is a phenomenal reserve of both clinical and research expertise. Any clinical or research track that you want can be on the table and there will be folks and resources to back you up.

Favorite Quote… "Using the simple formula A times B over A plus B, we arrive at our answer of one and seven eighths".