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    Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Updates

    Mar 20 2020

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    Update for Patients Regarding the Rescheduling of Non-Urgent Care

    The COVID-19 situation is fast evolving. In efforts to protect our patients from avoidable exposure to the virus, MIR is adopting the American College of Radiology guidelines. This will also reduce exposure to our health-care staff and keep them available to provide urgent and emergency care to those who need it during this situation.

    A key principle is that we must “flatten the curve” to avoid overwhelming the capacity of our health system. As such, we are beginning the process of rescheduling non-urgent care.

    You may receive a call to reschedule if your upcoming non-urgent imaging or fluoroscopy procedure falls into the following categories:

    • Screening exams 
    • Non-urgent CTs, ultrasounds and plain films (x-ray exams)
    • Some other non-emergent radiology guided exams