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    Focus on Health

    A Five-Second Save for Christine

    Oct 10 2017

    About five seconds more. That’s how much longer it took Christine Jochim to have her 3D mammogram rather than a standard mammogram. Jochim, now 59, credits those few extra seconds and the breast imaging experts at MIR with finding her cancer early and, ultimately, saving her life.  “It was a lateral tumor buried against my chest wall,” she says. She had no symptoms, and her tumor was small — about ¾ of inch — and well hidden. Less than two months later, Jochim underwent a lumpectomy and radiation therapy for Stage 1 breast cancer.

    3D imaging, also known as breast tomosynthesis, costs some patients a bit more depending on their insurance plan. However, the maximum out-of-pocket expense is $60.

    ‘It’s my responsibility to tell people about my experience,” says Jochim, who is now cancer free one year post-treatment. “I want to be the poster child for 3D mammography.”

    Learn more about 3D mammography and be sure to schedule your mammogram with an MIR radiologist today.

    Christine Jochim works for Campus Support Services at Washington University School of Medicine. She lives in University City with her husband Scott and their two dogs, Mr. Wilson and Louie.