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    Cigna Now Covers 3D Mammography

    Sep 14 2016

    Are you a woman covered by Cigna (health insurance)?

    Good news! Cigna now covers 3D mammograms (also known as screening digital breast tomosynthesis) for routine breast cancer screening.This update aligns with guidelines issued in July 2016 by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), which considers 3D mammography as a medically appropriate imaging option for breast cancer screening. The change went into effect in late August. Under its previous policy, Cigna covered 3D mammography for diagnostic purposes, but not for routine screening.

    A 3D mammogram is performed the same way as a routine mammogram. The breast is compressed but the patient has a slightly longer breath hold. A 3D mammogram is a more advanced form of breast imaging. It provides better detail than a routine 2D mammogram and can allow for earlier detection of breast cancer.

    Learn more about 3D mammography interpreted by the breast imaging specialists of MIR.