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    Gray Matters: Navigating the Brain During Neurosurgery


    Researchers from MIR and the neurosurgery department at Washington University School of Medicine are collaborating with medical device maker Medtronic to build a better navigational system for brain surgery. The goal is to develop a software program that creates personalized 3-D “maps” of a patient’s brain anatomy and the location of key functions, like speech and movement, to guide physicians during neurosurgeries. A $3.6 million grant from the National Cancer Institute of the National Institutes of Health is funding the endeavor.

    Need a Breast Biopsy?


    MIR breast imaging radiologists are using a new system that will help some women avoid a trip to the operating room for a surgical biopsy. That’s because the new biopsy system, called Affirm™ by Hologic, uses the same technology used in 3D mammography. It also allows the patient to be seated during her biopsy.