Jimmy L. Xu, MD

Integrated Interventional Radiology Resident

Chief Resident

Clinical Expertise:
Interventional Radiology
Graduation Year:

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Why I chose MIR: Best radiology training program in the country, hands down.

What attracted me to radiology: The imaging is beautiful.

My personal interests: Going to the parks and museums with my wife and toddler. After a hard day's work, nothing beats a run through Lafayette Park.

My favorite website: WSJ.com - I'm a huge lurker on Twitter.

Jobs I've held outside of medicine: First summer internship in college was as a "file organization specialist" at a sports store. I sold newspapers in China as a teenager. I worked at Epic for two years: New Orleans, Albuquerque, Manchester, Durham, among many other places visited.

Why I'm excited to live in St. Louis: Lafayette Square and Forest Park are some magical places. The food scene here is thriving, and with the cost of living so low, you can actually afford to dine at nice places every once in a while. Everything is within a 15-minute drive.

Something most people don’t know about me: I have perfect pitch. Some say it's from speaking a tonal language as a child, but I think it's from piano practice.

My favorite quote: "The boat is safer anchored at the port, but that’s not the aim of boats." - Paulo Coelho

Clinical Interest

Interventional radiology, IO, arterial, venous disease

Research Interests

Predicting therapeutic response in locoregional HCC therapies

Education History

Medical Degree

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health


Carnegie Mellon University