Combined Diagnostic/Nuclear Medicine Track

Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology has long been recognized for advancing the scope and practice of nuclear medicine, as well as training individuals for careers in academic and private practice nuclear medicine. Up to two residents from each diagnostic radiology residency class will be accepted for a specialized training track that will enable graduates to obtain dual certification in diagnostic radiology (American Board of Radiology) and nuclear medicine (American Board of Nuclear Medicine). Candidates are selected during or by the end of the second year of residency training and, depending on a resident’s interest, both four and five-year options are available.

Four-Year Training This option allows 16 months of training in nuclear medicine during a four-year diagnostic radiology residency. In the first three years, residents complete the same rotations as the other diagnostic radiology residents. In the 4th year, residents in the combined track focus on nuclear medicine. The four-year program is best suited for individuals who are interested in practicing clinical nuclear medicine.

Five-Year Training This option allows for up to 28 months of training in nuclear medicine, with a minimum of 24 months required. This includes completing a four-year diagnostic radiology residency, with year four training focused on nuclear medicine, followed by a one-year nuclear medicine residency/fellowship. Some of the time spent in nuclear medicine is devoted to research in the field. The five-year program is most suited for individuals who are interested in practicing academic nuclear medicine.