Mallinckrodt offers a specialized residency track that allows accepted residents to carve out up to 48 weeks of time during the 4-year Diagnostic Radiology to perform full-time research in the Washington University lab of their choice. Residents spend the first year of training completing clinical rotations and learning radiology alongside their Diagnostic Radiology colleagues. During the second, third and fourth years of residency, research residents continue to complete the core curriculum of radiology rotations as they learn radiology and take independent call. However, each has the opportunity to complete one or more rotations doing full-time research under the direction of a faculty member during the final years of training.

Resources are provided for research and research-related meeting travel.

Applicants must meet the requirements of the Diagnostic Radiology residency program and should have a significant research background – in most cases, equivalent to at least 12 months in a research laboratory.

This program is offered through the NRMP match separate from the main Diagnostic Radiology residency track. Applicants interested in the Research Residency track are strongly encouraged to also apply to the main Diagnostic Radiology residency track.