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Radiology Residency

The Diagnostic Radiology residency training program at Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology is the largest of its kind in the United States and is accredited for 72 residents. Our residents, who have a variety of backgrounds and interests, are selected from among the best and brightest applicants worldwide.

The large class size lends itself to many opportunities for friendship and interaction as well as flexibility in vacation, rotation, and call scheduling. In addition, excellent relationships develop between faculty and residents. The one-to-one faculty-to-resident ratio makes for unmatched clinical training: interpreting imaging studies, performing image-guided procedures, and providing our patients with the best care possible. Face to face readout is utilized on all services including post call so that residents get feedback on all cases they review. A close association is maintained with other departments in the medical center with many interdisciplinary conferences.

Mallinckrodt encourages its residents to pursue the career path of their choice, whether in private practice or academic radiology. Residents who have specific interests in research and/or teaching are provided with opportunities to expand their knowledge base and skill set through mentored research and teaching projects.

Upon graduation, most of our residents enter subspecialty fellowships and take positions in academic or private practices worldwide, thus providing a vast network for information and job prospects for current residents.