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Radiology Mentors

The Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology offers a unique opportunity to connect with nationally-recognized faculty mentors who have a passion for helping medical students explore and develop careers in radiology.  Our goal is to help foster your interest in the field, and provide insight into what it really entails be a radiologist before making your career decisions. Furthermore, our faculty are interested in helping students become strong resident candidates and navigating the application process involved with the next step in your career path. Students are encouraged and welcomed to shadow throughout the different sections of the department, and we are happy to tailor your experience to best suit your needs. 

"I think that overall radiology as a medical student at MIR is a great experience. The attendings are all very friendly and they are always willing to teach. I spent alot of time on IR and felt that if you showed them you are motivated they will teach you how to do things like central venous access and g-tubes. It is always helpful to find a mentor early if you are interested in radiology. They can help you navigate the proccess of applying and can help you decide if radiology is right for you."
-Ryan Rimer, M.D.
Washington University School of Medicine, Class of 2014
Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, 1st year Diagnostic Radiology Resident

Listed below are our approved faculty mentors, divided by section.  If you would like to meet with a radiology faculty member, you may contact them directly, or express interest by contacting:

Michael Friedman, MD

Melissia Varner
Medical Student Curriculum Coordinator

Radiology approved research mentors:

Abdominal Imaging Musculoskeletal Imaging
Kathryn Fowler, M.D.
Jonathan Baker, M.D.
Vincent Mellnick, M.D.
Jennifer Demertzis, M.D.
Cary Siegel, M.D.
Michael Friedman, M.D.
Sherry Teefey, M.D.
Travis Hillen, M.D.
Breast Imaging Neuroradiology (Diagnostic)
Michelle Lee, M.D.
Michelle Miller-Thomas, M.D.
  Matthew Parsons, M.D.
Cardiothoracic Imaging (314)362-5950
Sanjeev Bhalla, M.D.
Joshua Shimony, M.D., Ph.D.
Constantine Raptis, M.D.
Neuroradiology (Endovascular Neurosurgical)
Pamela Woodard, M.D.
Dewitte Cross, M.D.
Interventional Radiology Nuclear Medicine
James Duncan, M.D., Ph.D.
Delphine Chen, M.D.
Gretchen Foltz, M.D.
Jennifer Gould, M.D.
Carlos Guevara, M.D.
Pediatric Imaging
Nael Saad, M.D.
Geetika Khanna, M.D., M.S.
Suresh Vedantham, M.D.


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