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Medical Student Education at Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology

The Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology is dedicated to cultivating and educating the next generation of excellent radiologists.  MIR offers a unique opportunity for medical student exposure to nationally recognized educators and leaders in field of radiology, as well as enthusiastic and interactive residents. Named the "Best Radiologist Training Program" multiple times in recent years, MIR has a strong interest and commitment to medical student education, emphasizing our mission to foster all future physicians to the influence of imaging-related patient care.

"I found my passion for radiology during my third year radiology rotation here at Washington University. One of the first things I noticed about radiology was the immense value a radiologist is able to add to patient care.  During my rotation I saw clinicians bring their most difficult patients to the radiologist for help with the diagnosis. It struck me as quite a privilege to be able to provide guidance to clinicians on some of their most interesting patients. I also noticed how often the radiologist would provide a new diagnosis for a patient, drastically shifting the management. 


My rotations in the chest and emergency radiology departments were very useful and provided a great look at the specialty. My advice to current students would be to get involved as much as possible and really try and look at the images and formulate an opinion.  You may be surprised at how rewarding it is to make a new finding."

-Kevin Neal, M.D.
Washington University School of Medicine, Class of 2013
Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology, 2nd year Diagnostic Radiology Resident

For more information on medical student education, please contact:
Faculty Advisor
Michael Friedman, M.D.

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