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Annual Stipends 2017-2018 

PGY 1 = $54,846

PGY 2 = $57,028 

PGY 3 = $59,597

PGY 4 = $62,280

PGY 5 = $64,121 

PGY 6 = $67,004 

PGY 7 = $70,021 

Annual Stipends 2018-2019

PGY 1 = $56,217

PGY 2 = $58,454

PGY 3 = $61,087

PGY 4 = $63,837

PGY 5 = $65,724

PGY 6 = $68,679

PGY 7 = $71,772

Radiology Learning Center

The two-level learning center is available 24 hours/day for all trainees. The lower level houses the library and a small kitchen. The upper level includes a lounge where residents can meet and relax, as well as a computer lab with access to all necessary institutional computer programs. The program also provides access to StatDX and the e-Anatomy website.


Mallinckrodt has a library of radiology textbooks located in the Radiology Learning Center that are reserved specifically for the use of trainees in the program. Fellows can check these out for self-study for their rotations, board review, etc.

Fellows also have access to Washington University School of Medicine’s Becker Medical Library.


Books are available for purchase from Matthews Medical Books at a discount.


Professional liability insurance is provided for claims arising from services performed while acting as a fellow. 

License Requirement

A Missouri State license to practice medicine (permanent) is essential before beginning training. Fees associated with a temporary Missouri license and appropriate narcotics permits are paid by the department.


Fellows receive three weeks of scheduled vacation per academic year (July 1 through June 30).

Book and Travel Stipend

Fellows have $2,500 available each year to purchase books and supplies for their training as well as attend one or more national meetings.

Lab Coats/Pagers

Two lab coats and digital pagers are provided at no cost.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

A licensed professional counselor provides confidential assistance. Help with stress, financial, and legal problems, and other personal challenges is available at no cost.

Remote Access

Residents receive free software that enables access to Mallinckrodt’s computer network from home, using a high-speed Internet connection.

The Washington University/Barnes-Jewish Hospital Graduate Medical Education Consortium may offer other benefits and policies.