Friedman, Daniel

Daniel D. Friedman, MD

Where I grew up (hometown)… Skokie, Illinois

Undergraduate… Washington University in St. Louis

Medical School… Washington University in St. Louis

Internship… Barnes-Jewish Hospital Internal Medicine 

Professional Interests… Neuroradiology, Abdominal Radiology, Emergency Radiology

Current Research… TBD

Personal Interest/Hobbies… Cooking (and eating), traveling, music, hiking and generally being outdoors.

Favorite thing about St. Louis… Forest Park and all the great restaurants.

Favorite Website… twitter.com

I bet you didn't know that... All the different colors of Froot Loops taste the same.

Jobs I’ve held outside of medicine... Research technician

Married? Kids? Pets? Not yet.

Favorite Radiology Sign… Double Oreo cookie sign

What attracted you to radiology… That you get to help solve problems, make diagnoses, and do procedures to help patients using exciting technology.

Why I chose MIR for my training… The best clinical training you can ask for in a city with easy living and a great food scene.

Favorite Quote…