2018 Evens Society Alumni Weekend 

The inaugural Evens Society Alumni weekend kicked off on Friday, September 14, with an evening welcome reception at the top of The Chase Park Plaza. Nearly 200 attendees greeted colleagues and classmates from years past. The next morning's CME lectures were followed by afternoon tours of MIR’s campus and favorite spots in St. Louis. But the jewel in the weekend’s crown was Saturday evening’s gala dinner and Evens Society Honors. As this year's honorees walked to the podium to accept their medals, each recipient received a rousing standing ovation from the crowd. All in all, the weekend was a testament to the lasting legacy of MIR and the joy of “coming home.”


The 2018 Evens Society Honorees (from left): Barbara S. Monsees, MD, Robert J. Stanley, MD, Franz J. Wippold, MD, Ronald G. Evens, MD, R. Gilbert Jost, MD, and Dennis M. Balfe, MD.