MIR Evens pin (outline)          The Evens Society


The goal of the Evens Society is to foster a sense of family and community among the residents and fellows who have completed their clinical and/or research training programs at Mallinckrodt Institute of Radiology. All current full-time faculty members within the Department of Radiology will be included as members of the society. Current trainees will be initiated into the Evens Society at the time that they complete their training. Past Department of Radiology faculty and trainees who have spent a year within Washington University's radiology training program also will be members of the Evens Society.

Through society activities, residents and fellows will have the opportunity to meet and network with alumni, many of whom are national and international leaders in radiology, research and education. A major goal of the Evens Society will be to encourage support of the Department of Radiology to continue building on the educational opportunities for radiology trainees.


Alumni Events